Mr. Phonic aka Ben from Soul Phonic is active in many different fields of the electronic-music landscape.
He is the manager of Punk’id Records, he is co-promoter and resident of the concept Move!
He is resident of the famous Extreme concept and Age of Love, a retro concept in Ghent.
Last but not least; he is also producer and remixer for different labels.
Most people will know Ben from the duo Soul Phonic.
By the end of 2010, Quincy, the other part of Soul Phonic, decided to stop play new music and focus only on retro music from the 90’s.
The birth of Mr. Phonic was the logic consequence.
Of course, part of the biography of Soul Phonic still counts for Mr. Phonic today.

Punk’id records :
features national and international artists such as Alison Marks (Dessous / UK), Anthony Collins (Get Physical, Dirtcrew / FRA), Deadset (Frontroom rec / UK), Dj Fex (Robotronic, Systematic / FRA), Sixty69Nine, Dj Prinz and many more.

Producer & remixer :
The sound of Mr. Phonic can best be described as a mixture of different styles, going from House to Techno and everything in between.
His music, played by artists all over the world including Hernan Cattaneo, Terry Francis, Nathan Coles, Dave Mothersole, Pako & Frederik, Fabrice Lig, Dj 3000, Michel Dehey, Dj Fex, Kid:Dub to name a few. Besides releases and remix work for Coincidence records, M8 recordings and Punk’ID records, his tracks also feature on the Extreme CD compilations in cooperation with Bonzai Music.
His tracks can be found on these labels: Silver Network, Bonzai Music, Banshee Worx, Punk’Id Records, M8 Recordings, and Coincidence Records
Promoter and resident:
Mr. Phonic is currently resident in Charlatan for the Age of Love concept and he is also resident at the famous Extreme parties, which are held in Pulse Factory, Cherrymoon, At The Villa.
Besides these 2 residencies, Ben is also co-promoter for the concept Move. Move is the party concept in Ghent that started in 2008 and featured artist as Aril Brikha, Jamie Anderson, Nathan Coles and many others.
Ben played guest performances all over Belgium and Europe including Croatia, Spain, Germany, France, The Netherlands, Ibiza and Switserland. A few highlights include playing at the 10 Days Off Festival (Ghent/Belgium), Laundryday (Antwerp/Belgium), Prinzip Club (Munich/Germany), Fever club (Bilbao/Spain), Vs-O club (Geneva/Switserland), Kiosk club (Lille/France), Folies Pigalles (Paris/France), Hitec (Dommelen/The Netherlands), Lovebase (Berlin/Germany), Fuse (Brussels), Café D’anvers (Antwerp), Kozzmozz/MuZZic (Ghent), Beats Of Love (Ghent), Pulse Factory (Belgium), Decadance (Ghent), Silo (Leuven), Lagoa (Menen)…
Ben already played next to the following artists:
Laurent Garnier (FRA), Deadmau5 (CAN), Paul Woolford (UK), Marc Romboy (DE), Deepgroove (UK), Paolo Mojo (UK), Mr C. (UK), Donnacha Costello (DE), Italoboyz (ITA), Shinedoe (NL), Daniel Bell (UK), Oliver Ho (UK), Toni Rios (DE), Tobi Neumann (DE), Dominik Eulberg (DE), Andrew Weatherhall (DE), Dave Mothersole (UK), Nathan Coles (UK), Dave DK (FRA), Break 3000 (NL), Jesse Rose (UK), Darren Roach (UK), Jamie Anderson (UK), dj F.E.X. (FRA), Trevor Rockcliffe (UK), Cass (UK), Spirit Catcher (BE), Jonathan Lisle (UK), Farbice Lig (BE) and many more!

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